Paintables , Washables en Resist papers.

Geprint op het Stamps Aways Stamp & Colour 200gsm coatedcard maakt Washables ideaal voor gebruik met water- of alcoholinktpads, markers, sprays en dabbers. Na het aanbrengen van de kleur schijnt het zwarte printdesign er door heen en geeft het papier kleur dat precies past bij de rest van uw project waardoor het perfect is voor allerlei creaties.

Paintables are a super fun paper product with paintable designs right on them. They’re made of watercolor weight textured paper and come in original, vintage and chalkboard finish.
How do you color them? Just about any way you’d like! We’ve found water color mediums to work delightfully well, but so do chalks, pastels, crayons, water based markers (Like Le Plumes), ink pads ( just pump the lid and pick up with a watered paintbrush!).
How do you use them? As I mentioned earlier you can use them in any sort of paper crafting that you do including card making, scrapbooking, pocket pages, and they’re GREAT for mixed media projects because of how well they hold up to all the different mediums used.